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Vloggers Shiraz, Muskan crosses 2m followers on Instagram

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Shiraz and Muskan, the dynamic siblings behind Shirazi Village Vlog, have achieved an amazing milestone on Instagram, amassing an incredible two million followers in a short time.

Their journey to fame is a testament to their amazing stories and genuine connection with their audience.

Through their vlogs, they charm viewers with their innocence and offer a refreshing view of nature and local life.

At just six years old, Shiraz brings a unique perspective, showcasing the beauty of Khaplu village in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Their content resonates deeply with viewers around the world, who admire their sincerity and ability to find joy in life’s simple moments. With entertaining storytelling, they have built a loyal community eager to join them on their adventures.

An unforgettable gesture

A few days earlier, in an impassioned appeal to his followers for the help of a poor man to rebuild his house, Shiraz highlighted the man’s condition with an emphasis on the virtue of kindness and compassion.

Muhammad Shiraz, the youngest vlogger from Pakistan, captured the hearts of his audience with his compassionate appeal. In the video shared on his platform, Shiraz took his viewers on a poignant tour of an elderly man’s home, shedding light on his condition.

With sincerity in his voice and empathy in his eyes, Shiraz expressed his deep concern for the condition of the elderly man.

Moved by the dire circumstances the man faced and the obvious need for help, Shiraz appealed to his followers to unite in a joint effort to rebuild the ruined house.

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