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What does losing weight have to do with sleep?

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Islamabad (News Desk) Health experts emphasize that in order to ensure the best health, taking all precautionary measures must satisfy the need for night sleep.

Adequate sleep not only improves physical health but also surprisingly controls our excess weight.

In this regard, experts say that lack of sleep can stop the speed of weight loss, while incomplete sleep and body fatigue lead to further weight gain.

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Winter and summer are here and if you’re trying to lose weight, don’t compromise on getting a good, restful sleep.

Summer is considered the best for weight loss, when people prepare themselves mentally to be more active and work harder than before.

According to health experts, it is not possible to estimate the body weight while losing weight takes a lot of hard work and millions of people are involved in this struggle.

Medical experts say that apart from diet and exercise, there are many other factors that contribute to weight gain or loss.

One of these factors is sleep, proper sleep is essential for your mental and physical health while poor sleep contributes to belly fat and weight gain along with stress.

Medical experts say that lack of sleep can slow down your weight loss and make you gain a few kilos.

Doctor and nutritionist Nami Agarwal says your sleep could be to blame for not losing weight despite hard work, exercise and a better diet.

According to health experts, lack of sleep affects body weight in 3 ways. These include excess fat storage, increased cortisol (the stress hormone) and impaired metabolism.

Fat storage:
According to nutritionist Nami Agarwal, when you’re deprived of restful, restful sleep, your body starts storing fat for energy instead of burning it, resulting in fewer calories burned in a day.

Increased levels of cortisol (stress hormone):
Lack of sleep can increase the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body, high cortisol levels can hinder efforts to lose weight, it can lead you to eat more calories than necessary.

Disorders of Metabolism:
Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories A healthy (fast) metabolism means better fat loss. Lack of sleep can slow down your metabolic rate and make it harder for you to lose weight. So make sleep a top priority when trying to lose weight.

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