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Preparations have been completed to withdraw dual posts from doctors

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A list has been compiled to revoke the dual positions held by doctors who have been assigned additional responsibilities in various capacities within the health department.

Last month, the Health Minister announced plans to address this issue, and the Health Secretariat is currently awaiting further instructions to implement these directives.

Sources within the health department have highlighted the dual scenario where some doctors remain idle while others hold multiple significant positions simultaneously.

For instance, Dr. Shaukat Ali, the Director of General Health Services, is currently serving as the Project Director of Timurgarh Medical College, the Provincial Coordinator of the Lady Health Workers Program, and the Additional Director General of Malakand Division. Additionally, he also serves as the project director of the National Health Assistance Programme.

Similarly, Dr. Irshad Ali Roghani, a Grade 18 officer, has been entrusted with the additional role of Director of Public Health since the retirement of Dr. Nik Dad Khan Afridi. He has also been assigned duties overseeing the Integrated Vector Control Program at the Directorate General Health Services office in Peshawar and serves as the NHSP Deputy Project Director.

Dr. Qadir Shah, a Medical Officer, holds the position of Deputy Project Director in the World Bank Human Capital Investment Project (HISP) and unofficially serves as the Secretary in the Health Secretariat.

Furthermore, allegations have been raised against Dr. Abid Hussain, a Grade 20 officer, for functioning as the Chief Executive Officer of a Regional Blood Bank, a role not officially documented.

Dr. Faisal Khanzada, also a Grade 20 officer, concurrently serves as the DHO Abbottabad and Additional Director General. Numerous other such cases exist, where additional responsibilities have been assigned without proper justification.

Efforts are underway to address this issue, as some individuals holding dual roles express a willingness to vacate one position to focus on their core duties.

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