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The famous brand hung the model from a tree to promote the dress

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KARACHI (Web Desk) The famous Pakistani clothing brand “Generation” is famous for its beautiful designs and photo shoots done to promote it.

Generation offers a long range of women’s clothing and its promotional photo shoots are an art in itself.
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But this time their photoshoot has confused social media users and customers.

Generation posted some photos on Instagram to promote one of the outfits, where one model can be seen standing on a bench holding a tree branch with both hands, while in another photo, the model is hanging from the branch.

After seeing the photo, many users made interesting comments.

A user asked if wearing this dress and hanging from a tree?

One user wrote, ‘An attempt to commit suicide by wearing such an expensive pair?’

And the user said, ‘The suit is nice, what was the need to put a girl in it and hang her from a tree’.

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