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When will Muslims wake up?

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A few decades ago in the United States, there were signs outside white hotels and clubs that read, “Dogs and black people are prohibited,” but the sanctions also showed the day a black man went to into the White House, and became the black and white owner of the land in the White House for eight years. The discrimination between blacks and whites has been so widespread in the United States that the former black Secretary of State Colin Powell and the black Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice could not enter churches reserved for whites.
In the 2008 election, the black and white American people proved that they had overthrown racial prejudice, the murderous prejudice of Pharaoh Bush from the White House, and the policies of squeezing the American people to protect the big capitalists, the majority rejected and voted for Barack Obama for a special ally Bush, John McClain, Jews were against Islam and America’s war of aggression against Muslims Even today, it can be said with certainty about Obama voters that there will be no Christian fanatics among them.
Fourteen centuries ago, in the verses of the Holy Qur’an, discrimination of color and caste has been abolished, O people! We have created you from one male and one female and made you into different nations and different families so that you may recognize each other in the sight of Allah, the most honorable of you is the most pious in All-Knowing, All-Aware. (Rooms: 13)
This memory is also present in the farewell speech of the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him. for a foreigner, because in the sight of Allah, he is the most honorable and the most pious. The pious are those who fear Allah’s displeasure and his punishments in this world and the world hereafter, Muslims who are mature in faith and action. In the same sermon, the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said, “I leave two centers of gravity with you.” If you stick to them, you will never go astray, one is the Book of Allah and the other is my Sunnah.
The presidency for Obama was not easy like the rulers of Pakistan, like luxury, wasteful spending, and betrayal of the nation. The presidential chair of the United States proved to be a test for Obama because Obama had to meet the expectations of his voters who elected a black person as president of the United States for the first time It did not happen that, like Bush, Obama began to think of himself as the emperor of the United States and the world and started pointing his fingers at Congress and the Americans Obama promised his people and the peaceful people around the world that he will establish peace on earth by stopping the massacre of people in everywhere on earth, avoiding lies, but it’s a pity that Obama also turned into salt as soon as he entered the salt pit and sent it to Qasr Safid In the first traditional briefing, the organizations informed their priorities that Obama would have to follow Bush’s policies, while the American people participated in the American election with a “flag of change” in their hands, to change the barbaric and bloody war policies that destroyed the economy Obama sat on the The 2008 American election was a public referendum where the American people rejected all Bush’s policies, but despite this, the rebellious horse whip of the White House stayed with the same institutions that have been doing their work for several decades.
It is true that most people in the world are happy with the defeat of the beast Satan Bush and his associates and the victory of the American people, but the question is whether Obama could meet the expectations of the American people after breaking out of the strong net of fanatical Jews in America. The answer is no jobs in sensitive American institutions, but finally the Jewish lobby revealed in his book “The Dirt Speak Out” in 1985. His book was not published for several years This whole situation is also mentioned in detail at the beginning of this book.
After winning the presidency, the first announcement by Obama was to appoint a new Chief of Staff of the White House, and he made “Raim Emanuel”, a Jew of Israeli origin, Chief of Staff of the White House The announcement also revealed that Obama had appointed the great Indian Hindu “Sonel Shaw” who supports evil and scary Hindu organizations as his economic and Judea adviser immediately after the election results And now, instead of keeping the promises made in the election, Obama cannot take the path of peace on this planet, and he will continue the crusade started by Bush, but Obama will create more intensity. in this war. his aggressive behavior in this region, he chose Cairo, Egypt, under the care of his close Egyptian ruler, Hosni Mubarak, and tried to reassure the Muslim Ummah with his smooth talk, but history proved that Obama’s character was no less terrible than Bush’s . , and my analysis of Obama’s speech was absolutely correct.
Most of us were under the false impression that the war of resistance against the Wazids would have to be continued until the Crusader forces returned to their countries from Afghanistan and Iraq and attacked the United States in a brawl of planned war. Henry Kissinger’s monstrous “One World Order” will not return until America itself collapses because of its wrong policies, just as the Soviet Union eventually split into six pieces to become Russia. I believe that the President of America Bush in 2001 declared war and called this war a Crusade. In the past, all crusades have been fought only to destroy the religion of Islam, kill Muslims and occupy their countries. The United States, acting more cunning, has given many other names to the Crusade, such as “War against Terrorism, War against Terrorism, War against Extremism, War against Militants” etc. In the targets made since 2001 today, no Christian, Jewish, Hindu Sukh was erected, no temple, church, fire pit was destroyed. No Christian or secular (secular) country was attacked.
(to be continued)

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