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529 school and college teachers were promoted

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ISLAMABAD: The Federal Ministry of Education and Vocational Training has approved the promotion of time scale of 529 teachers of federal government educational institutions working under the Federal Education System (FDE).

According to the notification published here yesterday, 529 teachers have been promoted on a time scale to the next grade, including vice-headteachers, headteachers and associate teachers of schools and colleges.

According to the details, the Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) meeting was held on January 5, 2024 to develop the schedule of teachers of government educational institutions, but the notification was delayed due to various reasons. Education Secretary Mohiuddin Ahmed Wani ordered the immediate issuance of a notification approving the recommendations of the DPC.

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The leaders of the federal teachers organizations, Fazal Moola, Malik Amir Khan, Mansoor Shah and others thanked the education secretary and said that development is the basic right of teachers, which will improve their performance. According to the notice, 13 principals were promoted to grade 21, 90 assistant teachers were promoted to grade 19, 173 vice-principals were also promoted to grade 19, similarly 103 assistant teachers and principals were promoted to grade 20 while 8. The Deputy Headmistress has also been promoted to Grade 20.

Teacher leaders Fazal Moola, Malik Amir Khan and Mansoor Ali Shah have said in a joint statement that Education Secretary Mohiuddin Ahmed Wani has given basic rights to teachers by promoting them.

He said that the education secretary implemented the best reforms in the education system, the results of which will be seen soon, adding that the empowerment of the heads of the institutions will be an important milestone for the best performance of the employees of the institutions. . The teachers have also thanked Senior Joint Secretary Sohail Akhtar Malik, Director Promotion Muhammad Luqman, SO Promotion Rashid Marwat and other concerned officers.

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