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After 44 years, the police reached the killer through chewing gum

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After a staggering 44 years, justice finally caught up with the perpetrator of a heinous crime in the state of Oregon, United States. In January 1980, 19-year-old Barbara Tucker was brutally raped and murdered in a college parking lot, leaving a community shaken and searching for answers.

Despite exhaustive efforts by law enforcement, the case remained unsolved for decades. However, crucial evidence from the crime scene was diligently preserved, offering a glimmer of hope for eventual resolution.

In a remarkable turn of events, advancements in DNA profiling technology allowed investigators to reopen the case years later. Through meticulous analysis, suspicions centered on a man named Robert Politman. Utilizing innovative methods, detectives managed to obtain DNA samples from the suspect, ultimately leading to a conclusive match with evidence found at the crime scene.

Now 60 years old, the suspect was arrested, bringing closure to a chapter that haunted the community for over four decades. This remarkable breakthrough serves as a testament to the persistence and dedication of law enforcement in seeking justice, even after the passage of time.

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