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Iran-Israel tension and many questions

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Well-known poet Saadullah Shah said that
There is a creation that is full of hate
There is a storm that people have stopped
Power is needed when there is something bad to do Otherwise, love is enough to achieve everything in the world
According to Dr Hugo, “I was 14 years old and I stole a piece of bread to eat, because they caught me and put me in prison and gave me free bread for 6 months. That court of human beings.”
Perhaps the “audit” of the human court has begun Perhaps this court itself has stood in the dock
Many questions have been raised due to the tension between Iran and Israel Today, only the questions will be highlighted, an effort will be made to bring the questions raised and the concerns expressed by experts and analysts around the world emerge And it should be brought forward in such a way that the impression of support or opposition does not emerge The fire of hatred and war does not increase Find the answer yourself . . . Do the research. Look back at history. You will definitely get the answers to all these questions, if you get even one answer, if not all of them, then the knot will be automatically solved and the “whole exam” will come out of’ d front Questionnaire available
Who will be the next superpower of the world, America And if not America, then who?
What are the elements that want to bring America and Iran face to face?
When will the “message by fire” be stopped?
For 6 months, the Arab region is the focus of the whole world’s attention because of the Israel-Gaza war, but why does this war not end?
Who commits human rights violations, and why are the resolutions of the United Nations and the Security Council not implemented?
Does the West all support Israel?
Is the third world war going to break out?
Why did any country directly attack Israel after 3 decades?
Who are Iran’s allies Who are Israel’s allies?
How did the rivalry between Israel and Iran begin? What is the reason for the years old “blood tremors”? What is the real conflict? How did the two become rivals from allies?
For how many years did the two countries face each other in the “Shadow War”? Why keep attacking each other’s assets but not accepting responsibility for it?
How did the distance between these two countries, which were allies before 1979, increase?
Why did Ayatollah Ali Khamenei liken Israel to the “apostle of cancer”?
In the eyes of Iran, who is the “older devil” and the “little devil”?
Who created the secret program called “Iran-Contra” and who played the role of an intermediary in it?
Who developed the computer virus called “Stuxnet” and it caused serious damage to the nuclear facilities of which country?
Why, how and who killed Mohsen Fakhrizada, the top scientist of Iran’s nuclear program, in 2020?
Which country helped the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad to emerge from the decades-long civil war with whom?
Why are American bases in Iraq, Syria and Jordan under attack?
Geographically, Iran is a much larger country than Israel, the population is about 10 times larger than Israel, but its military power is greater?
Do Iran and Israel have nuclear weapons?
What is Israel’s latest ‘Air Defense System’ to stop an Iranian attack and how does it work?
Has Iran shown the world the power of its long-range missiles and drones?
Who has more experience of going to another country and doing guerilla operations?
Who was the Iranian general Zahidi who was killed in the “Israeli air attack” in Damascus and what is the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards?
Israel did not admit that it had attacked the Iranian consulate in Damascus, but why did the general impression emerge that Israel was behind the attack?
With the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, was Israel’s aim to convince that Iran is a weak country that does not have the courage to fight?
Iran profited from the attack on Israel or Nitan or Ho?
Is Israel a strategic failure?
Has Iran proven that Israel cannot defend itself on its own?
Iran attack full of “surprise” or “empty”… “psychological warfare” increased or “panic”?
Who had to face the internal and external political failure, the balance equally or one of them with a heavy burden?
There is a land distance of about 2152 km between Iran and Israel, didn’t Iran prove that its missile program had developed enough by sending its missiles there?
Why did Iran call the attack a ‘true promise’, why did it target Israel’s intelligence center in the northern Golan and Israel’s Navatim base with ballistic missiles?
Why did Jordan shoot down the drones aimed at Israel and why does this country stand with whom?
The ancestors of one in five Jordanians are Palestinian, Queen Rania, the wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan, is also Palestinian and has been speaking out about the humanitarian crisis. serious in Gaza recently the positions of Jordan and Iran are different?
Why does King Abdullah II of Jordan get negative titles on social media?
Jordan shot down many Iranian missiles and drones along with the US, Great Britain and France, but why did he never treat Israeli missiles and drones this way?
Will Jordan be the next target?
When did the Anglo-Arab forces take control of this region, why was “Trans Jordan” established, what was the purpose of the Balfour Declaration?
Why and how was the peace agreement between Jordan and Israel in 1994 during the administration of American President Bill Clinton?
Why is the whole region under the storm? What will the tension raisers get?
Why is the pressure from the public and the criticism of government figures increasing?
Why does Netanyahu immediately use the “Iran card” whenever he feels politically vulnerable?
In a survey conducted by the Hebrew University, 74 percent of the Israeli people opposed a counterattack, yet why did the Netanyahu government attack Iran?
There are many more questions. The aim is not to support any country or oppose any other country
As hard as the above questions have been presented, if the same amount of effort is made to answer them, then the thought of war, fear, terror and hatred all over the world will be defeated. On all fronts
In the end, there is one question
Because that is the question. Whose duty or responsibility is it to help the Palestinians?
In fact, there are so many questions presented to you for this one question. Justice is far away, the human court has not yet been able to answer this one question.

Note: The organization does not necessarily agree with the opinion of the columnist

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